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The Project
Destino Frontera

Destino Frontera aims to implement a tourist development strategy of the Spanish-Portuguese border, as a unique, integrated and structured destination, based on shared endogenous resources, and on the intelligent specialization of the offer. It will reduce costs, lower inequalities between territories and promote the sustainable development of border regions. It intends to showcase the endogenous resources of the territories of the project, and promote them by making them stand out for tourism along the whole border.

It also intends to improve the knowledge of the stakeholders of the regions of the project on border tourism, enabling them to make better informed and coherent decisions. Another aim is to promote the sustainable development of this type of tourism by creating tools to facilitate efficient management of border tourism at medium term, and the training of human resources of the tourism industry of the border, in order to specialize in handling and promoting tourism at the border.

It is also hoped to raise the awareness in the population of host communities, on the importance of tourism in their territory and on the tourist interest along the border.

It will work on the quadruple helix of the tourist sector: the administration will be able to base its tourist development policies on joint strategic lines and actions defined in the action plan; companies can improve their competitiveness with more attractive products, suited to consumer needs; universities will have new forums and sources of data and information for the production of new knowledge on border tourism, and the community will be better prepared to receive visitors.

In this way, DESTINO_FRONTERA will represent an effective contribution to increase productivity of the tourist industry at the border.

It also covers the specific goal of priority 6_C in which it is framed, because it establishes the joint lines of action to enable to showcase the shared endogenous resources (including natural and cultural heritage of the border).

It will highlight resources such as: water (sea, river or medicinal mineral water): the cultural and historic heritage (particularly constructed heritage and heritage classified by UNESCO); wine and gastronomy heritage and natural heritage (underlining classified and protected areas).

All these endogenous resources will be published in a network. This will enable coordinated management and the creation of the tourism brand, directly associated with the border (adding value to these resources for their cross-border condition.

DESTINO_FRONTERA proposes specific actions in order to “preserve, refurbish and enhance the [cross-border] historic and cultural heritage, as a key factor in order to consolidate tourist activities”.

The innovative nature of the DESTINO_FRONTERA project lies in the development of the concept “Border tourism”, and the inclusion of all the territory of the Spanish-Portuguese border in a unique project of the field of tourism.

Some of the specific actions put forward in the project are also innovative, such as:

  • The design of training courses on border tourism for different targets (professionals of the sector, businesses and public institutions).
  • The creation of tools to monitor border tourism.
  • The creation of an own brand, to add value and certify the quality of border tourist products.

It is also important to underline that for the first time and through this project, the definition and implementation of a joint tourist strategy is promoted, which covers the whole Spanish-Portuguese frontier.